Trout tree

This is the trout tree restaurant, where Christine took Penny, Jonny and i for lunch when we visited her.
troutTree (84k image)
What a fantastic place: its the biggest tree house, erm, tree restaurant I’ve ever seen. There are many different levels and floors with tables on and they are connected by walkways and stair cases with canvas roofs. There is a trout farm under the tree; you can look down and see the fish swimming. And the fresh trout on the menu was excelent!

Thanks Christine!
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Study, travel, study…

Like Spike Milligan’s Silly Old Baboon, I put on a spurt last week, and got to the end of semester three of the CCNA stuff. Then I broke loose from college and went traveling with Penny and Jonny. We visited Christine in Nanyuki, which was fab, and then to lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park which I have visited before. There are photos and stories of these things to come but today — back once again in front of a screen full of CCNA4 — I just wanted to check in and say I’m back!
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Once upon a time, domestic entertainment systems that received broadcast audio programmes were called wirelesses. At that time the word radio had a technical connotation and was used for experimental things done by boffins.

Later, the word radio came to be associated with the consumer gadget (I suspect this came with the development of transistor radios) which meant that wireless was spare and available to be used for technical things that boffins did. What the boffins did was wireless computer networks.

I must be a boffin; last night there was a wireless computer network in my living room.
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