Sunday I spet the whole day at home working on the computer. Wrote a couple of new sections in my Unix II notes and some other on-line reading… Somehow got into the flow. At teatime I was hungry. Ate some toasted toast (for some reason one slice of bread is known as a toast in Kenya) and walked to my friend Elizabeth’s house. She wasn’t there.

On the way I was “greeted” by some local children. A malnourished looking girl in what had once been a yellow party frock was tending some cows. She, and her even smaller sibling-of-indeterminate-gender, started to scream excitedly whe they saw me. She stooped to pick up something and headed toward me shouting “Brie-tish, brie-tish, au are you?”.

I was already in a bad mood and her “brie-tish”-ing wasn’t helping much. The final straw was when I noticed that the thing she had picked up was a lump of cow shit. And now she wanted to shake my hand. Thanks but no thanks, little girl.

Maybe I should get a T-Shirt with “No Shit!” printed on it?

Meanwhile, whats with some of these comments we’ve been getting lately? When I introduced the comment throtteling script I was considering if it would be necessary to make people pass a CAPTCHA test before they post. Now I’m wondering if I have to make you pass an IQ test. :confused:

Or maybe fail one :crazy:

Please keep posting your comments, everyone (except if your advertising something) they support me more than you can imagine!

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