Guess what we’ve been up to…
vlsm (30k image)

This week has been the first week ro, rather, a kind of pre-week, of Cisco CCNA training for me and the other IT teachers at Holy Rosary College. The trainers can’t come until next monday but if our training lasts two weeks from then, we will still be doing it when term starts, so we asked them to enable the on-line chapter-end exams for us this week and we have been studying hard oursleves — and going slightly mad — this week.

To make matters worse, we’d planned to have this training earlier in the vacation so it should have been **over** by this week. That’s why I told Penny to come this week. So she has had to put up with me behaving like a student doing his finals all week: running off to tha Lab at all hours to do on-line exams — late in to the evening and so on.

Thank god it’s over. I just completed the final exam for semester III (we do one semester in one week!). This whiteboard is the result of a session this morning on variable-length subnet masks.

Thought I’d bung it up here to help you get a feel for why there have been no updates this week! And hopefully I’m going to do some traveling with Penny this weekend so I’ll see you next week!

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