Trout tree

This is the trout tree restaurant, where Christine took Penny, Jonny and i for lunch when we visited her.
troutTree (84k image)
What a fantastic place: its the biggest tree house, erm, tree restaurant I’ve ever seen. There are many different levels and floors with tables on and they are connected by walkways and stair cases with canvas roofs. There is a trout farm under the tree; you can look down and see the fish swimming. And the fresh trout on the menu was excelent!

Thanks Christine!

Here’s me and penny standing in the Nanyuki river.
MarkAndPenny (92k image)

And {{popup img_1666.jpg img_1666 1024×768}}here are Penny and Jonny who just **can’t** get away from Norwich Union.

Jonny eats an african breakfast of mandazi and chai.
jonny (39k image)

Down the gorge at Hell’s Gate park, this is what you can see.
gorge (104k image)

Jonny takes **lots** of pictures.
jonCamera1 (132k image)

jonCamera2 (25k image) “… you talkin’ ’bout me?”

…and likes to **invetigate** all sorts of places
crack (149k image)

Sorry these are so big, but I just didnt want to cut them down!

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