Sunday I spet the whole day at home working on the computer. Wrote a couple of new sections in my Unix II notes and some other on-line reading… Somehow got into the flow. At teatime I was hungry. Ate some toasted toast (for some reason one slice of bread is known as a toast in Kenya) and walked to my friend Elizabeth’s house. She wasn’t there.
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As I mentioned yesterday, I went to the thanksgiving for Kenbric Vocational Training Centre down the tarmac in Nguluni.
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Benard had invited me to talk about the importance of technical skills from the perspective of my culture.

He also invited me to take my radio cassette recorder with me. He left me with his chinese sit-up-and-beg bike on wednesday night so I could carry the huge beast as his bike has a rack and mine has shock absorbers and gears but nothing as useful as a rack. So I set out on wednesday early afternoon with my stereo strapped to the rack of Ben’s bike with inner-tube rubber, while the bike itself constantly tried to pitch me into the ditch by the side of the road. All this wearing smart trousers and shirt with a beautiful silk tie (50 bob from Tala = about 30p). When I arrived my back was wet with perspiration, I was late and they were still setting up the tent.
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