House Guests

Rats, Bats, Snakes, and now this:
scorpion (51k image)
This fellow is about three and a half centimetres long; he fell from the bathroom window and scurried into the corner on Saturday morning as I staggered in there, stark naked, for a piss.
This photo was taken **after** I killed him with Mortein Doom.

I vant to be alone

I must be a cultural difference. When I went for my morning run today I was joined by a small kenyan. I’m not even sure if he was a young one or just very little one. He had shorts and a t-shirt on and he had been walking with the primary school students near my house. I ran past. Next thing I knew I coudl hear his footsteps, running, just behind me.

I don’t like it. I **think** that in my culture if someone I didn’t know started to run behind me, just out of my field of vision, nobody would be supprised if I felt uneasy and even offended. What do you think? I did a double back at the head of the maram road and let him get ahead of me. He was running faster than I wanted to go anyway and he soon gained on me and I fell into my normal slow stumbling jog by myself.
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Bloody Vikings

As you can see from the recent comments page, is still getting attacked by comment spammers who want to get their web sites to the top of popularity based search engines like Google. When I see them, I delete them, but that is a slow process and because the recent comments page is my own quick-hack, there is no way to remove the entries from there so there they stay.

The good news is that the comment throttling script I added is doing a great job at keeping this shit off my pages. We have had a dozen or so hits over the last month but today I looked at the log files for this site. Oh my :O it was 1.2MB! The full text of each rejected comment is included in the file. There were hundreds of them!
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quilt (52k image)
This fabulous quilt was made by my fabulous sister Jan who visited me now. It now graces my sofa and brightens up the whole living room. It says “” and has pictures of Kenyan safari animals. Wow! 😎


This was the week when some american bloke took over Manchester United, United Airlines decided to default on pension contributiuons and Bush nominates an unpopular conservative to be ambassador to the United Nations.

Must be Friday 13th, or something.
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