Malewa River Lodge

I’ve just come back from Malewa River Lodge, where a bunch of us met to celebrate Christine’s birthday and to absorb a bit of luxury. What a wonderful little place: by far the nicest lodge I’ve seen so far.

The banda I stayed in was basically a round, mud-built room containing a large comfortable bed with a fantastic view over the Malewa river valley through the open wall (not a window as such, no glass!). The lodge itself has a similar open design. All buildings have stylish high pointed thatched roofs.

Despite the party on Saturday night, Christine (who is training for a half-marathon) and I (who is not!) got up early and did a 10km run through the grounds.

When I was in Hells Gate park I thought that viewing zebra from a bycicle was an amazing experience. Well now I have run past them, a few yards away, and its fantastic. We also saw warthogs and various gazell. Wonderful!

After the run and a hot, if somewhat brown shower in the room lay naked in bed and watched monkeys doin’ their monkey thang in the trees. Runner’s high takes on a whole new meaning.

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