Siths and stuff

In a massive break with tradition, I’m goin to tell you what I’ve been up to over the weekend:

Was supposed to be on a trip to spend a night in a cave in Hell’s Gate park. For reasons too booring to mention, that didn’t happen and I ended up spending the night with a good friend in Nairobi, drinking wine, shopping for mutumba(sp?) (watchi this space for photos of me in new clothes, but not the Emperor’s), drinking wine,cooking and eating, and talkikng about sex.

I said *talking* about it.

Oh, and we also went to see that movie which came out the other day.

I don’t really get it. I never really did. Star Wars was the first movie I went to see completely by myself. Given that I was totally of the age to enjoy such a film its kinda hard to admit that I didn’t have any friends to go see it with. I sort of mismanged my childhood relationships, from that perspective. Then bloody Lucas kept making them and some of them had ewoks in and some didn’t and one apparently featured jabba the hutt but I don’t remember seeing that so maybe I haven’t even seen all of them. I’m not sure. I remember thinking that Episode 1 featured Ewan McGregor hamming it up splendidly with received pronounciation doing his:
“I am Alec Guinness”, act.

Having said all that, I did enjoy it! For someone who lives in Tala, where the entertainment after dark comprises looking at the night sky, sitting in a posh cinema in Nairobi, with surround sound — oh and I didn’t I mention that we sat in the second row so everything was really big and I had to keep turning my head to watch the spaceships fly past — was an amazing sensual overload.

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