Up On The Roof

What’s that man doing?

At the weekend, while I was enjoying Star Wars, someone else was enjoying himself in my kitchen. When I got home said creature had helped himself to the potatoes my sister bought me and, to show his gratitude, left me some small presents on the hob of my cooker. Not the black ones with a white speck that Geckos leave, these were all black and a bit smelly: the calling cards of a RAT!
I had someone put wire mesh over my chimneys last year. But he made a Kenyan job of it, which is to say there wasn’t enough mesh so he put it up anyway and made sure big gaping holes that were left were not visible from the ground, didn’t tie the bottom of the wire to the chimney tightly anyway and then asked me to add something to the already handsome remuneration I had promised him for the job.
From what I have seen so far, this attitude is sadly typical of Kenyans’ approach to work, and accounts in part for the crap situation the country is in.
So, this time, deflecting attacks from the thorn trees in my garden (something else to do with a Leatherman!) …
… I climbed up there myself.
Armed with the aforementioned multitool, a reel of wire and some mesh left over from building those wireless network reflectors…
… and tied those wires tight!
“Erm, how the devil do I get down?”

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