Nigh Robbery

Hey, Eunice came to town!

eunice1 (22k image) Swingers in London shuld remember Eunice, she and a friend passed through Nairobi on their way to climb Kilimanjaro. Like a comet passing through the orbit of a planet, they caused a bit of a stir when they came near me.

eunice2 (32k image) Katie took these pictures at Chez L’Ami restaurant last night (and, as she correctly points out my digital camera doesn’t take pictures when you want it to, but in its own sweet time). Eunice plugged her MP3 into the DJ’s mixer. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed our impromptu performance, and a few drinks were bought on the strength of it. But things just seemed destined to go wrong yesterday.

eunice3 (24k image) Even as we were to do a second number, there was a sort of miscommunication between her and the DJ and he thought she didnt want to do any more and so we only danced one song. Its amazing to me, though, how we could pull off what we did with no rehersals and without having danced together for over a year and a half and, even then, probably having only done a half a dozen numbers or so together badk in London. I love this dance and having the chacne to play with a really confident and practised follower has made me want, all the more, to resume swinging.

Meanwhile, back on the trail of disasters yesterday, I should tell the story of what happened when my Matatu was sitting still in traffic on Jogoo road. I was sitting in the middle seat of the back row, and had just sent an SMS to arrange to meet Katie in town then I was sending one to Vini to tell off for being AWOL on her birthday. Suddenly, an arm appeared through the window and then withdrew at speed. Attached to one end of that arm was a thief; attached to the other end was my mobile phone 😥

I decided not to be angry but it **was** inconvenient. Luckily the plan to meet up with Katie had been made: her own phone could tell me important things like: what my number is (I’ve not learned it) and what was the last number to which I’d sent a message (hers). This allowed meto get back my old numbe though not, of course, the phone book (so please send me SMSs and sign your name to them so I know) and it meant I spent rather too much of the afternoon queueing at the Celtel office and visiting reconditioned mobile phone shops and not enough of it swing-dancing with Eunice and Irvin. (I though I was going to get a chacne to follow!) 😛

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