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First of all I heard, a couple of hours ago, about the bombs in London. I wanted to say “I hope everyone’s ok” but I know there are fatalities and casualties. Then I wanted to say “I hope you guys are all ok” but that seems cruel towards those who have been hurt. So I just wish the whole bloody City a speedy recovery.

Now, the other reason for this posting …

.. I have been tinkering with There is a new home page (not yet live, but please preview it here) and in order to get the latest blog and comments included therein, I have been hacking the scripts that make this site work, so there might be bugs and wotnot. If you think I’ve broken something please let me know so I can fix it.

I’ve changed the format of comments in the recent comments list. I think its more important to know which have been posted lately then precisely when they were posted. The date and time stamp is still there as a **title** attribute which (on most browsers) shows up as a little pop-up caption when you move the mouse over the link.

There are some remaining glitches with the home page too. The little men are supposed to blink when you move the mouse over the and for some reason its not working on the live one (though it works fine on my local one) so I’ll try and iron those out over the next few days and then put the site up live.

Comments (and news of the bomb blasts) welcome.

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