MarkChristopherTN (5k image)Clearing out the junk in my home directory I just found this pic of me and Christopher.

Christopher is the groundsman at the wonderfully named “Nice View Academy”: a private (run for profit: teachers get next to nothing) primary school that is next to Holy Rosary College. We had this pic taken because:

**a)** He, like most Kenyans, loves having “snaps” taken and getting a mzungu into one is good form. Particularly since its a given that the mzungu is going to pay (20 Bob) for the print. Actually we have always got on well and he has taken care to warn me against “being free with people” (inviting strangers into my home) and to be back home by dark becuse the area is not entirely safe.

**b)** We both were childishly amused by the huge difference in our heights.

Developing and printing here always produces dodgey results like this (see the top of my head is missing) though it might be that the films are too fast and get overexposed.

MarkChristopher (24k image)

I think this must have been taken around this time last year because I have a tie and a long-sleve jumper on. July is the coldest month. I don’t know what the actual temperature is today but despite the sun, its chilly and I have three layers on (though short sleved). I’m making the most of it: December is bloody hot!

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