Went to Nairobi on Fridfay and danced Salsa at the Intercontinental Hotel. That was fun!

The Intercontinental has a live band playing salsa (non stop for two hours) on friday nights. From what I saw it seems to attract a crowd of people who know how to dance. To my knowledge there is no lesson there (though I did find out about a club with lessons on Wednesdays –a bit harder to get to). After watching people for a long time I thought I’d internalised the weight changed and hit the floor with Katie who had had latin dance lessons in the U.S. when she was younger. We managed quite well I think. I’ve no idea if we looked like the other dancers but it was fun. Danced a few more with her and Shelley, getting more and more outrageous as our confidence grew. Would definitely do that again. The band were very good (and hard working) and played several tunes I actually recognised, for example, from the Buena Vista Social Club albums.

After that we stayed at Shelley’s place and ate bread and cheese (may sound like meagre fayre to you but it’s a great luxury to me, Ive never seen cheese in Tala, and wouldn’t be expecting Camamabert) and a jar of olives and a glass or two of Merlot topped off an almost continental evening. We watched movies on DVD, another luxury although this is available in Tala, its not part of my regular life. We watched Farenheight 9/11 which left me a bit shell-shocked. I had wanted to see the director’s cut of Cinema Paradiso but Shelley said it was a bit sad so we watched Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astarie in Funny Face instead, followed by a few episodes of Sex and the City while we polished off fresh plumbs and apricots following the simple-luxury theme. More dancing and some nice hat-and-umbrella twirling that I am sure Mithi and Drew will appreciate. Check it out guys!

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