Our man in Mombasa

Some time ago (between 1995 and 1997, in fact), and in a context I have now forgotten but when I lived in Brussels, Cad for some reason referred to me as “Our man in Mombasa“. Hopefully, next week, I’m finally going to make this come true.

Tala has been chilly lately. I slept with a hat on last night :O The electric water heater (what Steve calls the “Fawcett of fear”) in my bathroom has mysteriously stopped working 🙁 term starts again in a week and it doesn’t feel so much like there has been a break this time.

People say this is the best time to go to the coast; at Christmas time it can be “Miserably hot”. And I only have one more full term and one more vacation here. I’ve spend most of this one tinkering on Unix admin projects with the staff and writing a bloody **book** on Javascript since the textbook that apparently used to be here has gone missing (Christopher and Matthew, ifyoure reading this, put that old JS book of mine in an envilope and post it to me please, it will only cost as much as a couple of pints of beer!).

In other news, plans are afoot to move Bitterjug.com to a new server. At around the same time we’ll be switching the blog software from Greymatter to WordPress so things will look a little different. Keep watchin’ this space.

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