I’m just back from visiting two VSO friends in the town of Kitui. I had some business there (remember that course I did there a while back) and also it was a chance to relax in a lovely home. My friends have a TV set and, though their Antenna Guy was still in the process of tweaking their aerial (at the top of a high tree next to the house), it was tuned to BBC news on tuesday morning and I watched footage of what what used to be New Orleans. One of those friends has family in that city; safely evacuated like our own Natty, but equally devastated.

While I was not watching the Telly, i.e. most of the time as I still don’t really like TV, and not reading The Amber Spyglass, i.e. not much of the time since the book is a fantastic escape from the world I live in, I was relaxing and talking to a fascinating couple who were also visiting: a blind ex-VSO volunteer who is still working and travelling in Africa, and his Kenyan partner. I find travelling in Kenya to be traumatic at the best of times with full eyesight. What he manages I can only admire.

Oh, and the othe form of entertainment in Kitui seems to be listening to the audio interferance patterns caused by competing churches and mosques with their PA systems turned up to eleven in the fervent belief that their god is deaf. :confused:

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