Just Like London!

This is not the blog I wanted to write today.

Had another nice day yesterday and took some photos of the solar eclipse and of other things that went on. I wanted to post those today and talk little — it’s been long since I put some photos up here.

But this morning when I got up there was no electricity… OK, when I got up it was 5.18 and there **was** electricity **then**… but by the time I’d returned from running to Nguluni, there was none. So much for having GIMPed the photos the previous evening, you can’t upload without stima.

The other work I wanted to do also required the computers to be switched on. Instead I got on a matatu and went to Nairobi, to the VSO office. Christine told me at the weekend that I have post there… I now have my Income Tax Return form :rolleyes:

On the way into Nairobi, sitting in a line of traffic grinding slowly along the dusty Jogoo Rd (same road where I once had my mobile phone snatched from my hand in such a vehicle — I now keep it in my pocket despite the temptation of boredom) I Saw a matatu with the following name splashed over its back window:

“**Just Like London!**”

No. It isn’t.