The return of “Recent Comments”

We’re still on ‘’ today, I have not had any reply from the guy who hosts my site despite asking him frequently to switch the domain. I hope he’s well, Murias, are you out there?

One effect of the move to WordPress was that we lost the “Recent Comments” page that was my favourite for keeping track of who had replied to which blog entries (or more usually, who had replied to which other comments!). So last weekend I cooked up a new one and it’s here:

(also available from a link on the sidebar)

If you want to bookmark this link, please be aware that I hope to be able to give it a more elegant URL at some point in the future when we get the domain moved and when mod_rewrite is working on the web server.

Another thing we lost was the hit counter on each page. It never gave an accurate count of visitors, but it did make me feel as if someone was visiting now and then. Since I no longer have it, please leave more comments so I know you are there!