Mzinga is proud to promote Mzinga: the blog of my good friends Vini and Dawn who are also VSO volunteers in Kenya. Mzinga is the Swahili word for a bee-hive and they chose it for good reasons: their house han an infestation of bees which turned out to be a nest in the chimney.

My contribution has been to arrange an infestation of bees on the website whose cause is, of course, Javascript. I have tested this with Opera, Firefox and MSIE 6. If you can hit it with a more up-to-date version of MSIE I’d like to hear if there are bees…


You can tell I’m feeling more at home here now (now, that is, that I am getting ready to leave): this week I’ve been poisoning rats in my roof-space and not writing about it here.

Since the rains have finally come, we are getting beetles and termites. Continue reading

Donor Culture?

I just posted two letters, one to the UK and one to New Zealand. The price of postage has gone up from 76 shillings to 95; here is one of the new stamps:
Kenyan Postage Stamp
A nice picture of some stiff looking people watching someone not working with a sewing machine. And what’s this I notice…? Continue reading