Lies, damn lies and statistics

I’ve been hacking again. You may recall that the old site had page hit counts on the side-bar. Ive added something similar here.
The main reason for this is that, when I check these pages, I get to see if there have been any signs of life since last time. Since one of the main functions of this web site is to support me in my placement, its always nice to see the hit counter creeping up….

… even though it doesn’t mean anything. Ok well it means something but not what it seems to be saying. According to the statistics plugin that I set up here the other day, most of my visitors since last week were search engine robots. But they keep me company :7

I used another plugin to get these statistics but, having downloaded it and installed on my home computer, I discovered that it gave statistics for the whole site whereas I wanted to see who’d been visiting each page. I hacked the code. PHP is so much nicer than Perl for hacking, for some reason; both are ugly.

So there, if you expand the thingummy, are the statistics about how many people (and robots) have visited the page in total, in the last 24 hours and in the last 7 days. If anyone is curious to know how many visits the whole blog has had, I can add that, leave me a comment.

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