Donor Culture?

I just posted two letters, one to the UK and one to New Zealand. The price of postage has gone up from 76 shillings to 95; here is one of the new stamps:
Kenyan Postage Stamp
A nice picture of some stiff looking people watching someone not working with a sewing machine. And what’s this I notice…?

On the side it says “Dontation of sewing machine”. And, if you look very carefully, above that there is the Rotary Club logo and the dates 1905 – 2005. This is, apparently, one of a series of commemorative stamps, but you have to have better eyesight than me to see it.

(After we scanned the stamp at 600dpi for this entry I could read it clearly on the screen. I am quite sure my eyesight has deteriorated since I’ve been here, but that is another matter and, since Im approaching 40, I shouldn’t be supprised)

According to the Kenyan postal service website:

Mr. Ameyo said the special stamp issue was significant not only for depicting some of the programmes supported by Rotary in the country, but also in sending a message across the world for people to identify with the problems and needs of others.

I agree; this stamp sends a message across the world. Here is what I wrote in the first version of this entry, before I read the Posta web site in more detail:

What I do see when I look at this stamp is a message, being sent out on every piece of postage leaving the country, that Kenya likes to receive donations.

What do you think?

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