Xmas Plans & News

This is a quick news update.

Firstly, I’m not sending any christmas cards this year, but since I have decorated this site, let me wish you all Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope to be able to talk (and dance!) with many of you in the new year and I hope that will make up for my miserable lack of greetings this season!

Secondly, here are my plans for the season: I’m leaving Kenya for Uganda with my good friend Jackson this afternoon. Jackson is another VSO volunteer who is from Uganda himself. I’ll spend christmas with him and his family and, I hope, get to see something of Africa which isn’t Kenya. From what I have seen, I think it would be unfair to judge the whole continent by Kenya alone. (a few days in Uganda don’t make much difference, I know, but at leat it’s a start).

I plan to return to Kenya on 27th and then immediately set out on a flight to Lamu on the Kenyan coast to spend New Yerar doing as little as possible with Katie and some other Peace Corps volunteers.

I get back to Tala on about the 4th or 5th January by which time I will have only one month left of this placement.

I had a wonderful opportunity, on Saturday, to attend the wedding of my colleague here at the college. She was married in Nairobi in a Baptist church and there was a celebaration afterwards. My observations on this will also have to wait for other story-telling opportunitites, but I want to say thanks to Betty and Francis for the invitation and opportunity to share in that very special occasion.

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