Jua Kali Technology

Seeing Drew’s comment on the Kingoti entry reminded me about this which I saw while I was up there watching the acrobatic dances.

Jua Kali Public Address System

Someone had taken a car speaker and mounted it in that big plastic bucket. The stereo had external speaker jack sockets already so they plug the big speaker in and hey presto, a sound big enough to dance to under a tree.

Lash Up

‘Lash up’ is a term my dad used to use to describe some piece of work that was shoddily done to the point where more work would be needed on account of the work than on account of the problem it was trying to solve in the first place. He used to ‘dish up’ (fix and cover the cracks with goop) motor vehicles, clocks, wristwatches and leather lugguage, etc. and believe me, he should know.

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Here we go in a little 18 seater plane from Nairobi to Lamu. The first part of that journey, from Kampala to Nairobi, was a kind of extended torture, as I described in the comment on the earlier entry. It cost about $10 and lasted 16 hours… Continue reading