Entebbe Zoo

I’m splitting these pictures up into sets as there are so many. Here are some from a happy trip Jackson and I took to Entebbe Zoo.

Jackson inspects a Jack Fruit.

I dunno, some sort of antelope? Pretty though.

“Get a pencil and work it out”

What happens if these monkeys get too cheeky…?

Do they get fed, whole to the Python?

Pythons don’t eat every day…

… looks like this one ate something yesterday and something else about a week ago.

Over there, in the distance, there are two white rhino. Honest!

This chimp was very cute, trying to scoup up water and pour over his head before it ran out between his fingers.

If you come to Africa, don’t do like me; get a camera with a zoom lense!

Jackson told me these shoebills were dead because they weren’t moving much. I think I saw this one blink.