Samosas, Kenyan Style

Welcome to the Kenyan Cookery show. (I’ve not done a ‘photo-love’ blog entry for a while…)

Elizabeth\ This is Elizabeth, she’s going to show us how to make samosas the Kenyan way.

Roll out the wrapsShe rolls what look like two small chapatis at a time, and cooks them stuck together on the chapati iron, then separates them as they cool.

Little cornucopia When they’re ready she cuts them into little segments and rolls them into little cornucopia, glueing them up with some batter.

Then she has to fill them with potatoes and correander and chilli that she prepared earlier. And glue them up, again with that batter. Sticky Fingers!

Fry Them Fry them in deep fat…

Come and get it … and they’re done!


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