Flying Home

As I write this I’m still very much still here in Kenya. But I’m getting ready to fly!

I’m working right up to the last minute though. yesterday lunch time I had a couple of visitors whom I wanted to meet each other before I left because I think they might benefit from working together. And I’d planned to visit a friend’s home in the afternoon but while we sat sipping tea my boss the principal came in with some more urgent work.

I decided to cancel my afternoon trip; I wanted the chance to sit peacefully and write the letter Sister P. had asked for, not to do it in a rush. And I wanted some more time for packing. By the evening, though, packing had become a bit opressive: I had found diaries and journals from when I first arrived and sometimes it’s just nice to be sure of exactly what it is you’re throwing away; I drank a Scotch, put on some appropriate music and started playing with graphics software for the updated logo.

I’m not generall someone who becomes emotionally attached to places and Tala (described by a fellow volunteer as ‘that shithole’) is no exception. I have noticed a kind of sadness when Im at home making preparations to leave, but it seems to be an appropriate feeling and therefore I can enjoy the sadness. I’ve made some very good friends here and met some astonishing people whom I’d rather not start to “miss“, so we’re all making arrangements to stay in touch; it’s a small Internet. Hopefully some of them are reading this blog! Welcome to my extended parlour. Now write a comment!

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