It works

Last night I went out… dancing.

I went to Rock The Block and did the two lessons: slow charleston (!), was recognised by Al and Linda and got to do some freestyle at the end.

This was, as I told Al and Linda, a very important event for me. It was the second time I set foot outside the house here in Norwich and I wasn’t entirely sure:

  • If I can still do it (I can, but it makes me tired)
  • If it really is as much fun as I told everyone in Kenya (It is!)

I had been warned by various people that the level was low at that event, whatever that means: the charleston was a bit slow but the variations were fun; including one I’ve never even seen before! Most importantly, as partners rotated I discovered that all (ok, bar one) the follows had good connection: Linda and Al seem to be doing a great job. There were a couple of accomplished dancers there in addition to the teachers and I enjoyed breathless swingouts and even a few leans and little jumps.

I have somehow managed to remember how to do all this and it comes back silently from the archive when the music plans. Unfortunately the body with wich I learned this stuff was a fitter one than the one I have now. I need to practise to get my fitness back, but I want to practise because its just such a wonderful way to enjoy happy music.

It was an emotional experience for me and walking back accross rainy Norwich with aching limbs and sweaty underwear my mind sang and danced and I smiled at the pubs and churches that decorate this city. Its a million miles* from Nairobi, I’m not really at home here yet, but being ‘back’ on the dance floor was both welcoming and familiar.

*Actually it’s about 4230 miles from Nairobi

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