Yet another product?

Have you seen the TV ads for Christian Aid week? If you haven’t you can see them on the Christian Aid web site. There’s also a cartoon version on the Chritian Aid Week site. It’s the TV ads that really gets my goat.

“Christian Aid today unveiled its newest weapon in the fight against global poverty -what it calls The Multiplier.”

Says the press-release.”Like all good ideas, it’s incredibly simple”, says the narrator in the TV ad, “whatever goes in gets multiplied”

There are just so many things wrong with this advert. An imaginary child in my mind says:

“If they’ve got one of them, why don’t they sling some money in it?”

I can think of so many reasons why I don’t like this campaign and I want to hear someone else’s opinion: please go watch the videos — there are low-bandwidth versions in case youre somewhere where the Internet is slow — and let me know what you think.

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