Je suis arrivé

Chris asked for some google map references in his comment on yesterday’s entry.

Work is here; well actually just North of that white curvey building where the grassy patch is, in a block that wasn’t built when the aerial photo was taken.

And I’m staying here, just to the left of that marker. This morning I got up early and went running out beyond the ring-road which was nice. There are fields of corn and the occasional cow. It’s half an hour by bus to the campus.

I went running for exercise because I didn’t get any last night. I went, for the second time, to the place where Dojo-Dance lindy hop lessons are supposed to be held and, for the second time, it was closed. I called the guy today — anyone impressed that I’m calling people in French? — and he told me the classes are, like the rest of the city of Rennes, closed for the summer. Apparently this place gets very quiet in August as everyone leaves for vacations and those who are left behind also leave for the coast when they can (leavig only those who are left when everyone has left twice over). Luckily there is an arts festival on in Rennes this week so I will have something to look out for on saturday — the first weekend in a strange place can be lonley: I know, I’ve done it enough.

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