Les week-ends

I’ve kinda forgotten to mention a couple of cool things I’ve done at the weekend since I got here:

  • Last weekend I borrowed a bike, from Jim at work (thanks Jim!), and went to Saint-Germain-sur-Ille. Not because I wanted to visit that village, but because, as you can see if you look to the left of the roads in the map, there is a canal going all the way there. Zoom in and you can see how nice it is on a sunny day. I took a packed lunch and ate it on a jetty over the canal, under the shade of a willow tree watching the Water Boatmen. I didn’t go any further because, quite apart from the problems of adjusting to another man’s saddle, the handlebars came loose! This is a serious impedement to cycling so I asked everyone I met until I found a fellow cyclist with a set of Allen Keys which, thanks to my time biking in Brussels, I know how to ask for in French.
  • The weekend before I went dancing! There is Lindy Hop in Rennes but its closed for the summer. Not something London would understand, but I am slowly adjusting to the idea. The guy in charge there put me in touch with this club in Nantes who were having a soiree that saturday. The guy there arranged someone to put me up for the night and down I went on the train to Nantes. Great evening, lots of fun; very hot, not enough T-shirts! Special thanks to Jean-Luc for welcoming me into his home.
  • In case you’re wondering, my plan for the upcoming weekend is to do my laundry.

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