Waste not

I just read this in the BBC news:

The “pay as you throw” system is also backed by the Local Government Association (LGA) which has warned that council tax bills will have to rise if councils have to pay big EU fines because of poor recycling rates.

Wouldn’t that be a way to encourage illegal tipping?

Speaing of waste, I went dumpster diving last night. OK I didn’t set out to. I was on the bed at home in the early evening, I’d been reading Atlast Shrugged (yup, still struggling through that beast) and I suddenly woke up(!). The sun was beginning to come through my windows as it does in the evenings and I felt like stretching my legs. I went out for a walk.

I walked in a direction that I’ve not been before and saw some gerat Grafiti (there is lots of it in Rennes). I noticed that monday muse be the day that the recycling waste gets collected because everybody’s semi-transparent bags were outside on the street full of exciting-looking plastic bottles and boxes. But it wasn’t those that tempted me.

I passed a school: a primary or nursary shcool, not sure which. There were brightly coloured things protuding from one of their big green bins. I went closer and looked (hey, the gates were open): broken toys; yup those have to be thrown out: big heavy plastic stuff, nothing I wanted. So I had a look in the next bin, since I was there. Cardboard: corregated, tubes, etc. Pull that out of the way; hey, what’s this? A working clock. A bigm uglym brightm colourful plastic clock with ‘Twingo’ written on it. And it was working. OK it was only working because it was lying down but, as I suspected, it works standing up now that it has a new battery.

No Im not going to put the ugly Twingo clock up in my appartment; it goes in the newly-established stuff-that-might-come-in-handy-for-projects box in my kitchen. One day, when I get a glue gun, I’ll remove the mechanism and use it to make a big ugly colourful clock of my own design.