Artificial dawn

I mentioned, in a previous entry, that I have started keeping a box in my kitchen into which I throw things destined for recycling that might be useful for projects. Well even back then I had already started. I just hadn’t got a camera.This is my new lamp (crappy picture taken wit a webcam I’m afraid).

It’s made from a tin that had black olives in it (yum!)

…and the cork from wine bottle:

This is what happens when I turn it on:


The bulb is one of those old-school low-power ones that has to get warmed-up to the job of giving light. I found it in the kitchen in my appartment where it was a bit dim for locating midnight snacks.
After a few minutes it looks like this:


I first saw this kind of bulb years ago at De Montfort University, in the Queen’s Building; there was a lecture theatre which had several of them in large white globe shades. When I turned on the lights there was a slow sunrise in the room that lasted about ten minutes. I wanted one of those in my bedroom.

And now I have one. Thanks to a cheap timer-switch from Brico Depot, I get a personal indoor sunrise each morning between 6:00 and 6:10. Much nicer for waking up to than an alarm clock. The days are getting shorter up here but my new olive-lamp reminds me of my time in Kenya (about 50km south of the Equator) where the sun would reliably wake up at the same time each morning all year round.

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