Fogged off

Literally! Went to Southampton airport yesterday at the appointed time and couldn’t see the raod markings on the runway from the 1st floor window. Those little ‘planes, I’m told, don’t have the necessary equipment (fog lamps?) to land under such conditions. I was cancelled. Over fifty quid on train fares and several hours later I got the same train back to Waterloo that I had taken last Fiday. The difference being that last friday I had actually made a journey, yesterday I just sat in the lounge for a few hours and ate an expensive sandwhich.

I also had a good conversation about the importance of being honest with one’s self, both in life and in golf, with my new friend Celestine who was also trying to get to Rennes to work this week.

Once we knew the flight was actually cancelled I texted Nic who booked me on a Ryan Air flight to Nantes today. But I’ve talked to the boss and agreed that I’ll stay here this week and work ‘from home’ because I have another pair of tickets booked for the weekend coming.

My plan for the coming weekend– the whole reason for booking the flights and the car-hire — was to visit the author of The Feeling Buddha at a Budhist retreat in the Midlands. I just got an email from them saying he won’t be there this weekend. 0)