Photos from the pure land

The shrine

Here’s the shrine from the Buddhist house where we were last weekend.

Playtime on the dinner table

Here we are with the others in front of this thing what we made on sunday by glueing things to a large piece of paper. I’m still not sure why we did it, but it was fun; perhaps that was the reason. That and, I guess, that it was a gerat non-verbal way for us to let out what had been going on in our heads all weekend. Meditation and chanting are largely personal techniques and we had a group with group dynamics. This was clear, in fact, in the creative process and how we worked together, or not, in the making of this large, um, creation. You can see it on the floor in front of the Buddha above and a close-up of all it’s three-dimentionalness below. Also, in this pic, you can see a couple of the red people. They teased Nic and I because we also seemed to have come in uniform: orange and black.
Wot we made