Appareil perdu et trouvé

Here it is, this season’s latest trend:
Camera with clip

The mobile phone with a pocket clip. The clip is from a name-tag. It means I can clip the little bugger onto the edge of the pocket in these new trousers that I got for biking to work. The problem with the trousers is that their pockets point downwards when I’m sitting.

The problem with the mobile is it got lost.

While Nic and I were in Paris she got an SMS from Chris (Thanks Chris!) saying he’d just spoken to someone in Rennes who had found my mobile. I’d noticed the phone was missing on Friday afternoon when I picked up the phone from the post office. I turned it on and it asked me for the time and date. I patted my pockets but couldn’t locate my mobile.

Turns out some guy who lives in my apartment block found (thanks Benjamin) it in the cellar where my bike lives. Franck, in my office, said he’d had a missed call from my number on Friday night so clearly he was trying to find the owner.

When I got it back I had a look at the Dialed Numbers list to see who else he had called. I don’t know what language you spoke with him, Chris, but you do speak French, and so does Franck, so it was a good choice. Nic wondered if he’d looked at the country codes in the numbers to help choose whom to call. I’d say not. The other number he seems to have called is that of Sister Pauline Ndeche, the Nigerian nun who was my boss in Kenya.