Rodents of unusual size

I went running again yesterday. First time I felt like running at the weekend but the secret is that it was sunny. My usual habit of running at 6.30 means I get to see the river in the dark. Yesterday I enjoyed the cold winter sun and said “bonjour” to dozens of other runners. Early in the weekday mornings the best company I can hope for is that of giant rats.

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Free free

Back in the days before the invention of the term Open Source, Richard Stallman had to use analogies to explain what he means by Free Software. It’s free as in free speech not free beer. It’s the difference between gratis and libre.

I recently read David Smith‘s popular-science type book on economics: Free Lunch. Whilst in “No such thing as a free lunch” clearly entails the gratis meaning, I am intrigued by the inference that a Free lunch is one that may not exist. It’s almost like free as in ‘error free’ where free = libre but with the connotation that ‘free’ = ‘without’.

Which brings me to another use of the word:

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Heinrich KleyWhen I was at school, my art teacher used to call me Scribbler. No! Seriously, she used to call me that in class.

“Hello Scribbler”, she’d say, “what you been up to?”

She didn’t try and discourage me from my scribbley style either, she told me there was this artist whom she remembered from her training who always used to scribble but the results were great. Think this might be by him

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