Heinrich KleyWhen I was at school, my art teacher used to call me Scribbler. No! Seriously, she used to call me that in class.

“Hello Scribbler”, she’d say, “what you been up to?”

She didn’t try and discourage me from my scribbley style either, she told me there was this artist whom she remembered from her training who always used to scribble but the results were great. Think this might be by him

These pictures are ally by Hienrich Kley. I bought myself a book of his sketches for Christmas. I first saw it in the Dover Street Bookshop years ago, while I was a student, when accompanying Mr Mungbean on a quest for, I think, images of hands. Pleased to find it still there this year. Some of his images look like furious scribbles. Others — the ones below, which tend to be a bit more friendly to the scanner — are delicate light sketches.
Horseman, Heinrich Kley

Adam, Eve and Serpent, Heinrich Kley

Man, Woman and Child, Heinrich Kley

I wish I could do this!