Rodents of unusual size

I went running again yesterday. First time I felt like running at the weekend but the secret is that it was sunny. My usual habit of running at 6.30 means I get to see the river in the dark. Yesterday I enjoyed the cold winter sun and said “bonjour” to dozens of other runners. Early in the weekday mornings the best company I can hope for is that of giant rats.

“Oh! I don’t think they really exist.”, I hear you say.

But they do!

I don’t have any photos of my own, because its dark in the mornings and I don’t take my camera running with me. But I have seen them several times now: bigger than an otter they look more like beavers, in fact. My room 101-like relationship with rats is well documented here on BJ.c. But I’ve got to the point, now, where me and les rats gondins can stand and look at one another without either party running away.