A view on Development

Life Expectancy vs GDP, Kenya, Gapminder.orgChris just sent me this link to a talk by a guy called Hans Roslling who has started gapminder.org where you can get this access to amazing statistical data on world development (watch the video!) presented with this interactive flash software.

Naturally I selected Kenya and got this story: the trail of blue blobs show Kenya’s Life expectancy against Income per capita from 1975 – 2004. Go there and try it for yourself!

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Belgian wildlife

“Hello Marc!”

“Hello Mark?”,

“Oh! Hi Barbara”.

“Hi! Where are you?”

“Yes, I’ve just arrived in Brussels”

“OK, we’re a bit late…”,
“Because Barbara had a desert!”,
“Yes, because I had a desert.”

“Is that Marc?”

“Yes, he’s driving; we’ll be there soon, where will we meet you?”

“Well, I’ll just stay here by this Zebra”

“Where are you now?”

“At the Station, next to the Zebra”

“Erm, what can you see where you are?”

“Besides the Zebra? Um, Joe’s Café?”

“OK, we’ll meet you at Joe’s Café in about five minutes”

“Great! You’ll find me here; near the Zebra”

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