Benard at his KibandaThis is Mr Mutua. Again.

This old photo shows him at his kibanda in Nguluni where he sold avocados and potatoes up until January 2005. Next to him is my bike which he renovated with the tools of the bike mechanic in the adjacent business plot. If you think that stall looks rickety you should know that the bike mechanic works in a circle of stones on the ground with nothing to protect him from the fierce sun. Impermanent structures is one of the legal requirements for working in Kenya’s Jua Kali sector.

“It’s a very important sector”, Bernard told me, “There are tycoons who have worked their way up through Jua Kali”.

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Rainy Rennes

Last week when, I was cycling home from work, I had to stop despite the rain to take this pic. I’ve adjusted the saturation on the photo but only so that it looks as I experienced it at the time!

It does rain a lot here. But that’s not always ‘a bad thing’.