A rash incident

I was sitting under a tree that looked a bit like this… Apple Tree (old)

And sketching one that looked a bit like this Apple Tree (with blossom)

In the break from my lessons with Steven Steven

and VirginieVirginie

When I noticed something tickling my neck. It was a lovely sunny day and I was so happy to be outside in the dry warm air, I didn’t resent the little hairy caterpillar walking over me. And I was only slightly perturbed by the second one, and his mate, a few minutes later. The third one didn’t turn up until about half an hour later when I was eating lunch: he’d been hiding somewhere under my collar.

And now I have this rash! Ouch!

I mean! I spent two bloody years in Kenya, evicted scorpions, bats, rats and snakes from my home without ill effect (though some might say the rats were detrimental to my sanity) and now I’m laid low, wheezing, coughing and scratching because of four French caterpillars. It seems unlikely that they were chenilles processionnaires because it was an apple tree not a pine tree. I didn’t really look at them.

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