Outrageous fortune

Man With LaptopThis is Mr Kioko. Mr Kioko has given me permission to write this entry, and to use his name in full.

I met Mr Kioko just over two years ago when I was working at Holy Rosary College in Kenya. He was part of my wireless router experiment crew, and he makes a mean slingshot.

Every now and then he pops up on google chat and we talk about his on-going effort to find a good job: he has a very clear goal of being a system administrator, and has been focussed on this since I met him.Letter for mr Kioko I enjoyed working with him because he had a clear view of how he could profit from my experience and learn what he needed to meet his own ends. He asked me, before I left, to write him a reference letter, I had forgotten about that, he scanned it and sent it back to me to remind me what I wrote because it turns out to have been useful to him. I signed it with all my post-nominal letters and qualifications; it made me laugh to think of it being read aloud in a job interview ..
but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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