Descending the ladder

I was updating my CV today: an interesting experience that entails, essentially, writing an identity statement. I was proud to be the person described by the previous version, but I suspect that what it says is simply not polarized in the same direction as the filter applied by the agencies through whose web-sites I have been applying. In addressing this, I have created a new identity.
I have had some help from an ex-colleague who is so successful that he has not applied for a job for several years; agencies send him work. Mostly his suggestions were great but sometimes they really stung me. Thinking about why this is, I realised that he was proposing changes to my expression of my own identity that I did not feel comfortable with. Though those changes might make my CV more attractive for certain jobs, I didn’t feel that those were not jobs I would want to do.

“I once heard that the reason we get paid is to do jobs we don’t really want to do”, said my friend.

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Rogers Skipper

Prince vs Cab Calloway

Last weekend I went to see Prince at the O2. I’ve managed to grow up without knowing much about him, when I was a kid he was just some little pooftah playing music I didn’t understand. I knew enough, however, to expect a good show and, besides, it was Nic and her sister who got the tickets, together with her sister’s boyfriend, who all seem to be fans. And it was great: great show, great showmanship, great songs (including a cover of Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music White Boy) expertly performed and a lovely friendly and mixed crowd (got snogged by the woman in the seat behind me!).

Having never paid much attention to The Artsit, I got to asking: Who is he? And where did he come from?

Wikipedia to the rescue…

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Career worries

Cristina, who gave me this, left the office last year, but there are still some cartoons on the wall behind where Franck now sits. This morning I had a look at them and this one leaped out at me:

I have to be me

I’ve given my notice here and come September I will be back in London so I’m already looking for some work. And I know what I want to do…

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