The future starts here

Mark and NicThis week I returned to London and moved in with Nic. In typical style, I undertook this important milestone in our lives together… on my own. I returned from France while she was on vacation and moved in and unpacked while she was away. Yes, she was expecting it. In fact we’re both very happy about it. I said to her this morning:

“I want to celebrate this!”

We’ve not had a wedding of our own, but here we are as seen at Sue and Paul’s earlier this year. I’ve been very concerned about arriving in London without having lined up a job. So concerned, in fact, that I feel I have missed the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of moving in with my partner. It really is wonderful and I am excited and joyous to be at this point on my life’s journey: the point at which it intersects with hers. The future of these journeys is, of course, not foreseeable beyond the next bend; but it sure feels good to be travelling together now.

The job-quest continues, of course, but not right at this moment. At the weekend I am heading to Gozo to attend a conference/workshop on social change. And as soon as that is done, I’m rushing back to London for the first weekend of NLP Practitioner Certification training which Nic and I are doing together. Ultimately I want to use more of this training in my career. For the time being, however, the hottest iron in my fire looks to be another IT job. But I’ll be leaving that particular fire untended for a week and focussing my attention on the bigger picture.

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