Thoughts of two schools

One large:

and one small:

  • “… education at that time was based almost entirely on classroom learning, which made it difficult to learn about the natural world. It was important to us that children learn not only about but from nature.” says Satish Kumar, founder of The Small School in Devon. Reported in Resurgence article: Children’s Charter.

For more on the big, read this Times OnLine article:

“We are not intending to have any playtime,” says the head, Alan McMurdo. “Pupils won’t need to let off steam, because they will not be bored.” The project manager says: “A playground would have had to be huge. We have taken away an uncontrollable space to prevent bullying and truancy.”

For more on the small, try this:

“…large schools subject village children to inner-city-type problems: drug abuse, violence, vandalism, bullying, indiscipline, shoplifting, and even sexual abuse. These schools are so big that it is difficult for teachers to know the names of all the children…”

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