Movement away and toward

I heard this morning (thanks Vini) that VSO is evacuating all their volunteers from Kenya and suspending its programme until the end of February due to continuing outbreaks of violence and increasing ethnic tension. I’m sending my best wishes to all the volunteers, and especially to Alan and Sara, and to Brady (I don’t know what Peace Corps is doing but I imagine the same if they have not already done so). I am sending my love to my Kenyan friends and colleagues, and all the non-kenyans out there working in Kenya (I’m thinking in particular, of three Nigerian nuns). Continue reading

On design

Red leaf

Hi and Happy New Year to anyone who still reads this! New logo derived from one of my flickr photos:

This morning, on the Tube, I was reading a book on Gaia, in preparation for my course at Schumacher College that starts at the end of this month; the lady on my left was writing in a beautiful notebook with a patterned silk cover and a gold buckle. But she wasn’t writing, she was sketching: a diagram of a plot of land, possibly a garden. I watched out of the corner of my eye. The diagram was not in itself beautiful, but the procecss by which she put it onto paper was. Continue reading