All change please

Someone who still reads this once commented that I don’t put much personal news up here. So here goes with a whole bunch of news:

  • This week Nic and I will complete our NLP Practitioner Certification, which we have been doing since last year. I’m excited about this: I love the idea of having a qualification that isn’t to do with IT. Now what will make me even more happy is to be doing work that isn’t to do with IT.
  • Planning sessionMy wish has already come true, this week Nic and I are preparing a one day course on emotional intelligence, based on what we have learned from NLP and NVC. It’s great fun working with Nic! Should be delivering this some time in early Feb, you can guarantee I’ll post here when that happens.
  • Speaking of qualifications outside IT, the last day of the NLP Practitioner course is also the first day of my next course, the Certificate in Education, down in Devon at Schumacher College. I’m excited about this too. The college is an opportunity to tick off several things on my list of goals: living in an intentional community, learning about Permaculture, developing my leadership skills. I have mentioned the course here before but not said how long it takes. It has five modules, each one week long. So I’m not going to be living in Devon this year, just visiting for a week now-and-then.
  • I’m hoping to do more work on education for change, development and sustainability. And to support all this I have registered the domain name as a trading name for my company. Nothing there so far, hence no link (I wonder how many of you have already cut and paste that URL into another tab in your browsers) but I will be putting up a presence there some point in the future.
  • And this is all in good time as at the end of last week the project I was working on was stopped rather sooner than I had expected. So I’m once again seeking interesting employment.
  • As I said above, I won’t be living in Devon this year: Nic and I are moving to Cambridge in mid-March.

I trust that’s enough news to be going on with.

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