Four relationships

Another full day. Yesterday we used our bodies: a hike on Dartmoor with stops to practise focusing our attention on the earth, biosphere and atmosphere, scale and beauty as a prelude to experiencing Deep Ecology; my team worked in the garden — mixing compost and sawing wood and, in the evening, we danced movement medicine.Today was back to more conventional study: theory of education & models of transformative learning, including the Schumacher College model itself. My team cooked food: they are a lovely bunch with much singing in (Portuguese and Japanese!). I sneaked out at lunch time and enjoyed a sunny cold moment. The weather yesterday was perfect for our field-trip to the moors: clear and crisp with great visibility.

I’m just getting a grip on what this course might actually be about. Which is just as well; Gregory Bateson apparently liked to say we don’t have five fingers but four relationships between fingers, in which case this course comprises four relationships among modules. And in those relationships it will be time to work on a project that I must start to identify this week.