Last day of term

It was snowy this morning and the ground and grass was crunchy underfoot while I was working in the garden with my team; we were sawing firewood.

And now it’s almost time to leave. I’m steeling a moment to write this before we have a kind of last minute final session: some of the group have left already and so we have had a closing session. But the original timetable was to finish this afternoon. The gruop have become very close with an amazing cross-fertilisation of skills. Today I spent some time working out what project I am going to be involved in during my first “inter-module relationsip” (I wrote inter-course relationship first, but that of course is something different). I’m challenged to admit publically here what I have agreed to:

  1. To write a paper on education as intervention in social systems to bring about change
  2. To engage in some forms of Action Research in order to establis to my own satisfaction that there is some guiding principle and value to it above and beyond that of the toolbag of techniques it has gathered to itself
  3. and finaly, To “translate” my report into the medium of dance to be performed at the next module. Eek! Karen thoght it would stretch me and put me outside my comfort zone.

OK the last session is starting beheind me so I must go…


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