Digital Speech Standard

I just opened the CD that I got from Schumacher College — they give a CD instead of lots of paper notes — and there are audio recordings of all our lectures. The files are .dss files that my linux box doesn’t know what to do with. DSS = Digital Speech Standard:

a proprietary compressed digital audio format defined by the International Voice Association, a co-operative venture by Olympus, Philips and Grundig.

Sadly, when I searched on that Google for “dss” and “linux”, all I found were people asking if there were any players or whether they could use the player under Wine. Apparently nobody had actually tried it.

Happily, as I write this, I am listening to my own voice, giving my introductory talk from last Monday. Olympus DSS Player Light V2.1.1 runs fine under Wine V0.9.46 on my Ubuntu laptop and even the audio is working.

Though I would have preferred Schumacher College to use a non-proprietary format for distributing their lectures.