Today is the third day of the rest of your life

Word has reached me that some of you (Sophia) were hoping to read something here about Cambridge. This entry is about why it hasn’t happened yet. 

We moved out from Shepherd’s Bush, erm [checks Google Calendar], three and a half weeks ago. I’d been scavenging for boxes for weeks (most were computer boxes from the new machines delivered to the BBC while I was there, the rest I picked up outside shops on the Uxbridge Road) which helped. Even more helpful was having Katy and Adie around. Adie is slightly taller and larger than me and was kind enough to act as a human lift-truck while Katy watched the doors so we didn’t feel the need to keep locking and unlocking them. That was Sunday. On Monday we moved in to Cambridge, helped by Nic’s Mum and Dad, and a pair of sack wheels. And, having filled our new home with boxes, I went back to work on  Tuesday in White City.

Then, suddenly, it was Easter. Good Friday was my first chance to spend a whole day in my new home since moving in. We went out. We went out and ordered a 6’9″ bed; I’m really looking forward to sleeping without my toes hanging over the end. On Saturday we were back in London for a Stag & Hen party (Congratulations Ollie an Helen!) and from there I was down to Totnes on Sunday (thanks Dom) so I could visit the library in Schumacher College on Monday, a day early for module two of the Certificate in Education for Sustainability course.

Last time I was at Schumacher I blogged every day (instead of morning meditation). This time I didn’t take a laptop; it just isn’t as nice to use one of the three derelict PCs in the classroom, though, so that week too passed unreported upon. Shame; lots of interesting stuff happened. I’ll tell you later.

After a week in Dartington I was glad to have a day off before going back to the Beeb: my second whole day at home in the new home. We went out (again) and did important stuff in banks and shops. Next day I was back in White City. The commute from Cambridge to London is much like the Tube: often standing room only, full of Bromptons, free London newspapers and strictly no talking. After two days of that, guess what? I’m back in London for four days (thanks Zoë and Declan) doing more NLP.

Yup, I’ve joined the Master Practitioner training at module two. There’s a story to that which, you guessed, I’d love to tell here but have not found the time to do so. Those four days of NLP with Suzi Smith were great, including the snow on Sunday. And, no sooner were we back in Cambridge after that course, I was back in White City for the last three days of my contract at the BBC.

All of which means that today was the third day I got to spend in my new home. We went out .. into the garden and set about the bramble bushes that have taken over in the past few years. And what a lovely day it has been: Nic’s home-made Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, home-cooked lunch and supper, out for a run in the park, hacking back bushes and a bonfire of dried brambles, finished off with a hot bath to rest our aching muscles.

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